Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Victor Reader Stream List Changing Ownership

As I write this post, it is hard to comprehend that it has been almost three years since I took on the role as owner and moderator of the Victor Reader Stream list. I have made many mistakes as a list moderator and learned much in the process. I am proud to say that the culture of this list today is one of goodwill and cooperation among the membership. At over 600 members, that is quite an accomplishment.
It has become increasingly apparent to me over the past several months that it is time for me to pass the torch to someone else. My duties as producer and host of ACB Radio’s Main Menu program, my work responsibilities as a music therapist working in a state school, a music appreciation instructor at a community college, a board member and Sunday school teacher at my church, and a keyboard player in a couple bands not to mention spending time with my wife and two cats keeps me quite busy. To put it plainly, something has to give.
The person who has accepted the post of owner and moderator of the list has been a long-time list member who has posted many helpful instructions over the years and visited with me privately about many matters list-related and otherwise. He was an encouragement to me when I was about ready to chuck the whole thing. I’m glad I didn’t do that, because I can now place this most excellent list into the capable hands of Brian Lingard.
I am certain Brian will have a different moderating style than I did, but I trust you will all work with him as respectfully as you have with me. I will stick around as a list member like the rest of you, and I will be excited to watch Brian take the list and Web site to a whole new level.
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Jamie Pauls