Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jaws 9.0.2152 Released

Freedom Scientific has just released an update to Jaws 9.0. The newest version is now 9.0.2152. You can read the list of new features

Review added for F-secure Antivirus version 2008

This is an alert to let you know that html-man has just added a review for F-secure Antivirus version 2008. You may read it by using the following link:

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Review added for one clock version unknown

This is an alert to let you know that pitermach has just added a review for one clock version unknown. You may read it by using the following link:

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stream News Wire - English U.K. Daniel TTS Voice

Dear Victor Reader Stream Customer:

An alternative Stream software with the English U.K. male (Daniel) TTS voice is now available for download at:

This alternative version 1.2 software has a male TTS English U.K. voice (Daniel) and can be downloaded to replace the software with the female Samantha voice currently shipped on all English Streams. The Daniel voice will be shipped with future U.K. Streams. If you wish to change back to Samantha female TTS voice you can download and re-install the alternative UPG from the same page.

The functionality of the software is the same for both downloads. Only the TTS voice differs. The complete list of new features for version 1.2 and the installation instructions can be found in the What's New document in the documentation list on the same above web page. This support page also has links to listen to all Vocalizer TTS voices.

To summarize the Stream software Installation:

- download the zip file with your choice of TTS voice

- Unzip the single UPG upgrade file. You do not require special unzip software with Windows XP or Vista. Simply press Enter on the downloaded zip file and the UPG file will be shown. You can then copy the UPG file to the clipboard and paste it into the root of the Stream SD card.

- Insert the card into the Stream, connect the Stream to AC power, and turn it on.

- The Stream will recognize the special UPG file and initiate the upgrade process. Audio messages will inform you of the start and end of the update process.

- Remove the UPG file from your SD card after updating.

Thank you.

The HumanWare Support Team

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thirty-Six Subscribers To The AccessWatch Blog

I am about ready to leave town for a couple of days and I decided to check
my Feed Burner stats to see how many people had subscribed to the
AccessWatch Blog via Feed Burner. I was pleased to see that there are now 36
subscribers. When I first started podcasting under the AccessWatch name, I
used Libsyn. It became increasingly difficult to write good show notes using
that service so I tried Live Journal for a while. Either it wasn't as
powerful as I wanted it to be or I just never got the hang of using it. I
moved on to Word Press. I liked Word Press a lot, but I was unable to blog
via e-mail which is exactly what I am doing now. Four blog hosts in about as
many years is probably too many, so I hope to stay with Blogger for a while.
I never did get Word Press and Feed Burner to play nicely together which
would have made the change from Live Journal to Word Press easier for
everyone. Now that I have an easy-to-use blogging platform and the ability
to point Feed Burner to the blog, I am happy. In reading the Blind
Confidential posts, I see that Chris makes reference to needing to get past
visual verification to post with Blogger. I have never had that issue and am
wondering why it isn't an issue for me. I assume he has some security
settings set different than I do. If anyone knows the answer to that
question, please leave a comment. Have a great week.