Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stream Newswire - New Download Resource Page

I will be adding these links to the VR Stream Users site in a couple of days:

Dear Victor Reader Stream Friends:

The Victor Reader Stream, the world acclaimed accessible audio player, welcomes 2009 with a new download resource page and new software releases.

The first month of 2009 is almost complete and we want to bring you the latest news regarding Victor Reader Stream.

Firstly, a new resource page for finding download content for your Stream is now available on the Stream product and support pages.
Many of you have told us that the Internet is so vast it is difficult to know where to begin looking for content that you can download and enjoy on your Stream. To help you get started we have compiled a web page of sample Internet sources for digital books, music, podcasts as well as information about DAISY libraries. The new download resource page can be found at:

Here you will find sections for English, French, and German download sources as well as links to DAISY libraries.

We are also pleased to inform you that we are busy working on new software releases for both the Stream and Stream Companion. As we near the completion of these projects we will be able to confirm the new features and release date for these free software upgrades.

So stay tuned to this Stream Newswire as we will soon be able to tell you about new and fun ways to use your Stream.

Thank you ,
The HumanWare Team

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Serotek to Launch Online Radio Station

Looks like ACB Radio will have some competition. There's nothing wrong with that; I wish Serotek the best

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Subject: Serotek to Launch Online Radio Station

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Serotek to Launch Online Radio Station

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn - January 27, 2009 - Serotek Corporation, the leading provider of internet and digital information accessibility software and services, will launch a new online radio station this week. The station is called SAMNet Radio and can be heard from The name of the station is derived from Serotek's online community, the System Access Mobile Network, or SAMNet. SAMNet Radio will air the best music of the last 40 years, the latest technology news, live and interactive voice chats, and a portal for all to know what is happening in the SAMNet community. Directed at an audience who is blind or has low vision, SAMNet Radio's slogan is "Your station, your community." The station's manager is Michael Lauf, former creator, host and producer of HandiTalk, the first interactive internet radio program to discuss the needs of the blind and visually impaired. "I'm excited to oversee a radio station that specializes in the needs and interests of the visually impaired community," said Michael Lauf, SAMNet Radio station manager, "The combination of music, home-grown podcasts, access technology news and interviews, and interactive talk shows, all on one radio station, will make us like no other entity in the world." The inaugural broadcast will stream live on Wednesday, January 28, from the Internet Café of the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) annual conference in Orlando, Florida. Those unable to attend ATIA can hear what is happening at the event and stay abreast of news announced at the show. Reactions to the first broadcast will also be discussed during the next installment of Serotalk, Serotek's podcast and interactive blog. For more information about Serotalk, visit To add the RSS feed for Serotalk to your web browser, news reader or podcatcher, visit http://serotalk.c! om/feed< /a>.

Serotek Corporation
Serotek Corporation is a leading technology company that develops software and manufactures accessibility solutions under the System Access brand. Committed to the mission of providing accessibility anywhere, Serotek began with the launch of the first online community specifically designed to meet the needs of people with visual impairment. Since then, Serotek has introduced several powerful, affordable solutions that require minimal training and investment. For more information, visit


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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giving Twitter A Chance!

I signed up with a Twitter account about a year ago and used it briefly, but just couldn't get into the swing of using it. Thanks to the Serotalk podcast discussed in my previous post, I decided to give it another go. After just one day, I think it is safe to say that I am hooked. I have a good friend who can't understand why anyone would text a person via cell phone when they could simply call them. As addictive as texting is, it does sound completely crazy when you try to explain it! I don't think I will even talk to my friend about Twitter!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A New Podcast In Town!

It has been a long time since I've been excited about a podcast. While I still enjoy Blind Cool Tech, it isn't the podcast it used to be. Don't take me wrong; I'm not criticizing anyone for not podcasting anymore. The AccessWatch podcast went by the wayside a long time ago. Nevertheless, it is a good feeling to be excited about a new podcast the way I was when I first discovered the medium eons ago.
The podcast that is causing me to check my RSS feeds anxiously these days is the Serotalk podcast. Unlike FSCast from Freedom Scientific which I also enjoy listening to, the Serotalk podcast does not focus exclusively on one company or one screen reader. While Serotek's System Access products are understandably front and center, much of the discussion translates to whatever your screen reader of choice might happen to be at the moment.
If you haven't checked it out lately, I strongly urge you to do so.


Minor But Needed Updates To AccessWatch

I have just updated the AccessWatch web site to reflect the latest versions of screen readers and have added a bit of content as well. Not much new will be evident, but that will change soon.