Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stream Newswire - Spanish Version 3.2 Released

Dear Victor Reader Stream Customer:
HumanWare is pleased to announce the release of Stream software version 3.2 in Spanish.
The free software download is available at:
On that page you will find the software download link under the Spanish heading along
with the Release Notes in Spanish. The Release Notes describe the features of 3.2
and also the SoftPak features. After installing the software, you will also find
the Release Notes on your Stream in the Text Files bookshelf.
After installing the version 3.2, you have the option to purchase the Stream SoftPak.
The SoftPak includes 5 additional features:
- Ability to play unprotected EPUB books
- Ability to play MS Word 2007 DOCX documents
- Support for Enhanced Audio books
- Ability to play unprotected MP4 audio files including iTunes music files
- Ability to record voice notes in MP3 or wav formats.
More information about the SoftPak is available at:
We are also pleased to offer a version 3.2 that includes Stream English menus and
messages along with the Spanish Monica and English Samantha text-to-speech voices.
This version is on the same page but under the English heading.
Both versions include Monica and Samantha text-to-speech but the difference is that
the version under the Spanish heading also has Spanish menus and messages.
Thank you,
The HumanWare Team