Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thirty-Six Subscribers To The AccessWatch Blog

I am about ready to leave town for a couple of days and I decided to check
my Feed Burner stats to see how many people had subscribed to the
AccessWatch Blog via Feed Burner. I was pleased to see that there are now 36
subscribers. When I first started podcasting under the AccessWatch name, I
used Libsyn. It became increasingly difficult to write good show notes using
that service so I tried Live Journal for a while. Either it wasn't as
powerful as I wanted it to be or I just never got the hang of using it. I
moved on to Word Press. I liked Word Press a lot, but I was unable to blog
via e-mail which is exactly what I am doing now. Four blog hosts in about as
many years is probably too many, so I hope to stay with Blogger for a while.
I never did get Word Press and Feed Burner to play nicely together which
would have made the change from Live Journal to Word Press easier for
everyone. Now that I have an easy-to-use blogging platform and the ability
to point Feed Burner to the blog, I am happy. In reading the Blind
Confidential posts, I see that Chris makes reference to needing to get past
visual verification to post with Blogger. I have never had that issue and am
wondering why it isn't an issue for me. I assume he has some security
settings set different than I do. If anyone knows the answer to that
question, please leave a comment. Have a great week.

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