Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Test Post

This is my first post using Blogger. I am intrigued with the possibility of using e-mail to post to this blog. As I write this, I am discovering that Window-Eyes does not read well at all as I compose this, but Jaws does just fine. Stay tuned.


Petro said...

As you have dound out you can definitely email posts to your blogger blog. Does anyone know if it possible to email one's podcast (mp3) enclosure tag via email to blogger? For example the podcaster can use his own email program to automatically send the mp3 enclosure tag to his blogger blog. This will eliminate having to sign in to blogger.com account and doing the podcast enclosure tag. Maybe there is a simple html tag for this?

Petro said...

Is there a way for one email to blogger blog account one's podcasts mp3 enclosure tags? This will eliminate having to go to the blogger bog account and putting in the podcast URLs. I would rather do it via my own email program the podcast html.