Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AccessWatch Going Offline As Of December 12

Greetings AccessWatch Users:

It is hard to believe that AccessWatch is approaching its sixth birthday I truly believe that the site has been a service to the blind community, and the creation of a review system for accessible software has been a truly unique service as well.

Since the creation of AccessWatch, I have had the privilege of accomplishing other goals such as creating some tutorials which have been a positive influence as well. Although my blogging has been very minimal, I have enjoyed that too and have come to respect those who do it regularly and well. While I am reminiscing, I mustn’t forget my brief podcasting career either. Since May of this year, I have been honored to serve as producer and host of ACB Radio’s Main Menu technology show and continue to enjoy the work that I and others on the Main Menu team do for ACB Radio and the blind community at large.

Unfortunately, I feel that AccessWatch has begun to slip more and more into the background over the past year or so; I have updated the site once in that time and I can’t recall the last software review I submitted for the site. This brings me to the purpose of my e-mail. (Remember when AccessWatch users got at least one of these per year?) I feel that it is time to put AccessWatch.info to rest. I will continue to maintain the AccessWatch blog and may even attempt to revive it in the near future, but the AccessWatch Web site and review system will be taken offline as of December 12.

I would be interested to receive feedback from those of you who have benefitted and perhaps continue to benefit from the site. If the responses indicate that I should change my mind regarding this matter, I will consider doing so. If not, then AccessWatch will cease to exist in its present form as of this Saturday.

Please send all comments to


Thanks to those of you who have been such loyal supporters of the Web site over the past nearly six years. It has truly been fun!

Jamie Pauls

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