Friday, January 1, 2010

Tutorials now free on AccessWatch

Several years ago I decided to dabble in the area of producing tutorials for sale. It was a learning experience and my hat is off to anyone who does it on a regular basis. Out of that project came two tutorials. The first was a tutorial on using the now popular Rhapsody music subscription service. I knew I wouldn't sell a ton of those tutorials and I was right, but many people benefited from the lessons I provided on getting up and running with the service. While many things have changed about the service over the years, it is in many ways more accessible than it was. The most significant change is the ability to purchase tracks in unprotected MP3 format, thereby allowing the purchaser to burn songs to CD using their CD burning program of choice. The second tutorial was on using Nero 8. While newer versions of Nero are available today, this tutorial is still quite relevant. I stopped receiving sales for either tutorial quite some time back, so I decided to offer both for free. Visit AccessWatch and move to the "tutorials" heading to find both downloads.