Monday, March 21, 2011

Being Productive With The Mac

Yesterday was filled with church, a visit with friends my wife and I hadn’t seen for some time, paperwork, and a nap. No time for the Mac at all. Today wasn’t a lot better, but I did something today I have not done since acquiring the Mac—I did something simply because it needed doing. In other words, I was productive.
As I stated in my last post, setting up mail was a joy and reading it was about as much fun today. I managed to set up my Gmail account as an SMTP account rather than an IMAP account as I had intended, and I do not yet know how to sort messages by conversation thread, my preferred way of reading. I also need to review the VoiceOver commands for reading word by word, etc. While using standard Apple commands works pretty well, I think the dedicated VO commands will be of great value in the mail program.
Another thing that every Mac enthusiast raves about is having a spell checker from anywhere one is. I am beginning to see the benefit of this as I work with the Mac. Whether in Twitter or Mail, it has been easy to spot misspelled words. I have up to this point simply edited them. I have not played with how to get suggested replacement words, etc.
All in all, another good day with the Mac.

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joehl.jake said...

I am also finding that I'm pretty productive on my Mac. Prior to acquiring it at the end of 2013, I was less than enthusiastic about switching over from Windows. I had mainly been hearing negative things about VoiceOver, none of which I've found to be true. I am having an iCloud issue which has been happening since upgrading to OS X Yosemite a couple weekends ago. But other than that I love my Mac. Hopefully the iCloud issue will be resolved very soon.