Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogging From The Mac

So much to do and so little time! I have learned to truly enjoy using mail on the Mac as I was told I would. I have decided that Skype is much more pleasant to use on the Mac than I first believed as well. My work schedule has kept me from spending as much time with the Mac Book as I would like, but I have successfully made a recording with Audio Hijack Pro, one of the pieces of software that many podcasters use. In almost two weeks with the Mac Book Pro, this is the first time I have used Text Edit, which would certainly be a part of my weekly routine if I in fact owned this computer. I imagine that I would be willing to purchase iWork for the added functionality that suite of programs provides, especially if VoiceOver is able to give me information such as what page I am on and when I pass over a page break, two pieces of information I absolutely require for my work. If this information is not readily available, this would be a serious impediment to my owning a Mac, if not an actuals show-stopper.

There is much more to learn and little remaining time to learn it in, so I expect to be sitting in my comfortable recliner with this computer on my lap a lot over the coming days.

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