Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 Is Now Available!


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Subject: Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 Is Now Available!

After much anticipation, Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 is now available.  Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 offers the latest advancements in screen reading technology, including full Unicode support, new scripting functionality, web browsing enhancements, a new synthesizer, and much more.

Full Unicode support means the ability to work with more international languages. Web browsing enhancements mean easier navigation between controls, and the ability to add placemarkers that can remember places on a webpage even when the webpage changes. ECI Eloquence 6.1 is now available as yet another speech option. Other enhancements like speed increases for list views, the system tray, and error reporting, being able to increase and decrease the speech rate during read to end, new options for keyboard voice interruptability, and numerous bug fixes make Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 a welcome update.

The most notable enhancement in Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1, however, is scripting. Window-Eyes scripting is unparalleled in its design and implementation.  Rather than require a scripter to learn a proprietary language, Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 allows a scripter to choose from a number of standard computer languages for writing scripts.  This means that more people will be able to take advantage of Window-Eyes scripting, and ultimately more accessibility to more software applications. Access all Window-Eyes features and settings, all operating system windows and properties, create custom accessible dialogs for user interaction with power and ease, and more.

To make scripts easily accessible and encourage script development, GW Micro has created a centralized script repository called Script Central (www.gwmicro.com/sc). Script Central provides script developers with the tools to distribute their scripts, and provides scripts users the tools to download, comment, rate and track favorite scripts.  The GW Micro forums (www.gwmicro.com/forum) have also been enhanced for general script discussions, script requests, script announcements, and much more. While we encourage everyone to take advantage of Script Central, Window-Eyes scripts can be hosted anywhere and distributed by anyone.

Read more about all of the features Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 has to offer, and download your copy, at www.gwmicro.com/beta.


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